Talent Acquisition Specialist

Job description

We are at an exciting time in the techspert.io journey where we are looking for a Talent Acquisition Specialist to come and join our recruitment team.

If you are successful in applying to us, you’ll be working across the whole company, helping us to grow our business by finding talented people we need as we scale. You will form a part of our Operations team (which covers HR, finance, and office management), and work closely with all team leads to fill new positions.

Among your specific responsibilities will be:

  • Working closely with team leads to work out our needs for open positions, to strategise to fill them with hires who will bring long-term value.
  • Proactively identifying and reaching out to potential candidates to source talent.
  • Ensure we maintain high standards of fairness, transparency, consistency, and accessibility throughout our recruitment process, to help us build a diverse team.
  • Managing the entire recruitment process – including writing and posting job advertisements, tracking applicants, CV screening, conducting initial phone calls with promising candidates, and scheduling interviews.
  • Putting in place (and continuing to use and refine) scalable processes for recruitment across the company, to make best use of our managers’ time and ensure the best recruitment decisions.
  • Research the talent market to inform, refine and manage the expectations of team leads and senior management.
  • This is not a stand-alone role and you'll be working in conjunction with the recruitment team, ensuring a joined-up approach in all areas.

Job requirements

  • Recruitment experience. You will have at least 2 years of hands-on experience working in recruitment, whether for an agency or internally in a company.
  • Passionate about people. We are a close-knit team, growing rapidly as we work towards shared goals. We need you to understand our goals and needs and be focussed on bringing in the right people to help the company grow in the long term.
  • Strong organisation skills. We are hiring across all areas of our business. Therefore, carefully being able to track and manage applicants, through our platform, as well as directly sourcing key talent, will be a top priority to ensure best use of the team’s time.
  • Adaptable and creative. Our business needs and environment are constantly changing. You will need to be able to quickly familiarise yourself with what we do and where we want to go, and quickly respond to our swiftly changing requirements.
  • Communication skills. Getting the right message across to candidates, understanding their strengths, and working with our teams to understand their needs are the most important parts of your role which require an ability for precise and empathetic written and spoken communication.


  • Experience recruiting for technical roles (e.g., software developers, data scientists and technical sales), and understanding of associated technical language.
  • Understanding of technical language – our developers work in JavaScript and Python and make heavy use of machine learning techniques. Along with the ability to pivot and turn your hand to support growth in other areas of the business.
  • Experience in HR or interest to grow in this area.
  • Experience in or a desire to work in a scale-up or high-growth environment.