Machine Learning Software Engineer

Job description is creating an automated expert network!  We are seeking a candidate who will thrive in this hands-on, technical role to research algorithmic and statistical ways to build a search engine with maximum impact to the business.  The output will be experimental plans, proof-of-concept implementations, if not production ready software and reports, but not publishing research papers.  This is a senior role with expectations of mentoring in software engineering, with flexibility around the title depending on experience.

Techspert offers a strong technical team tackling some really interesting, cutting-edge problems, that can bring satisfying rewards.  The breadth of experience across all our colleagues inspires our inter-disciplinary approach to research, in a fast-paced, friendly and supportive environment of a high-growth company.  We seek to understand what we don't yet know how to build. We do high quality, high impact, high cadence applied research!

Expert networks are a nascent but rapidly growing service, because the best way to make a difference in our rich and complex world, is to have a conversation with an expert! Connecting those experts who have volunteered an online presence, with people they can help, is key to this.  Scaling our business requires automated tools that accurately and efficiently predict of the suitability of an expert, for a given client project, based on all sorts of volunteered and inferred information.

**Please note this role can be 100% remote, but the applicant needs to be UK based **

Job requirements

We would love to welcome a bright engineer into our team.  

Key skills

A very good communicator (verbal and written).  

Strong software engineering discipline. (E.g. first class undergraduate degree in Computer science.)

Comfortable with agile project management.

Excellent problem solving and research skills.  

A strong scientific background.  

Extensive years of commercial experience.

Key technologies: 

Python, tensorflow.

Desirable skills:

Natural language processing or semantic search. 

Tuning pre-trained transformer based language models.  

Knowledge graphs and ontologies.  

Data mining and information retrieval.  

Desirable technologies:  

  • tensorflow-probability, Elasticsearch.