Backend Engineer

Job description


• Deploy and maintain cloud infrastructure to support the development effort of the wider tech teams
• Configure and maintain tracing, logging, and monitoring tools to support proactive incident response
• Working on ways to automate and improve development and release processes 

Would have the following:
• Experience with cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure (we use AWS)
• Experience with at least one programming language such as Python, TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, or Java
• 3-4 years experience as a DevOps Engineer, Cloud Engineer, Software Engineer, or similar role

Job requirements

Should have some of the following:
• Familiarity with serverless and event-driven architectures and infrastructure
• Experience with Infrastructure as Code tooling such as Serverless Framework, AWS CDK, or Terraform
• Experience with Continuous Integration tooling such as GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, or CircleCI
• Experience with tracing, logging and monitoring tooling such as ELK, Prometheus, or DataDog
• Working knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases
• Working knowledge of computer networking, including IP addressing, subnetting, routing, and DNS